SPIN-HAND Exercises

SPIN has launched SPIN-SHARE and the SPIN-HAND Toolkit of hand exercises. SPIN is the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network. SPIN has the goal of developing, adapting and testing new and existing programs to help people with scleroderma cope with their illness and manage their daily lives.

There are four modules: Thumb, Make a Fist, Finger Extension, and Wrist. For each of these there are different levels.

You will need to register to access them (they are free). There will be other tool kits added on other aspects of self-care. See https://www.spinsclero.com/en/toolkits

Register at https://tools.spinsclero.com/

See https://www.spinsclero.com/news-media/2020/04/30/announcing-the-launch-of-spin-share-and-the-spin-hand-toolkit for a more detailed description.