President’s Report November 2016

Seasons greetings to you all, it isn’t long now before we are all rushing around to get our last minute jobs done before we head off to get together with family and friends or just have a quiet one at home.

We have had a busy time here in Wellington with the printing of the booklets which have now been sent out to those of you who have requested them.

It has been a long process and one we couldn’t have managed without help from our hard-working fund-raisers:

Linda Bell,Allan and Sandy Edmondson and our Specialist Nurse Maureen Anderson and all of you out there that have sent in very generous donations for the printing of these booklets.

It is something that our families, medical teams and ourselves will benefit from.

We printed 1500 copies, which totalled $3,969.80. The editing process was a team effort from Maureen, Gordon and myself and much was learnt particularly by me with the whole process.

All the rheumatology clinics will receive copies of the booklet with the opportunity to ask for more.

The hospital check lists are our next top priority, we hope to send them before the year ends.

I hope you all are looking after yourselves, and if you could, write to me with any thoughts in which Scleroderma New Zealand could help you and others in our group please

just send me an email at

Ideas could be in the area of support for you, whether you would like someone to contact you regularly or something that Scleroderma NZ Inc may be able to supply that could be of help.

If you have any concerns about your treatment plan please feel free to contact me also, I may be able to help you in some way.One of our long-term goals of this society is to make sure there is equality, with monitoring and treatment plans throughout New Zealand. I will be working towards this from 2017, in conjunction with specialists.

Further on in this newsletter, you will find out what is happening in Australia with the different types of scientific trials for systemic sclerosis.

By the time you read this newsletter Linda Bell will have had her seminar in Hamilton. Linda has worked hard at getting this together, and I am sure you would all have enjoyed and benefited from the seminar. A big thank you to Linda for all her effort.

It takes many hours to produce each one of these newsletters, so a big thank you to John and Barbara for donating so much of their time and effort to reach out to you all out there, we all appreciate and benefit from the contact.

Take Care to you all, and thank you all once again for all your support in getting the booklets out there for good use.