US Scleroderma Foundation Annual Conference 2014

Conference proceedings

The Foundation has disabled embedding on its YouTube proceedings. Use the link to view the videos individually on YouTube.

The Causes and Treatment of Pain in Scleroderma with Dr. Daniel Furst

What the Doctor Should Have Told Me About Scleroderma

Calcinosis in Dermatomyositis and Scleroderma – Dr. Lorinda Chung

Prediction of Progression & Complications in Scleroderma – Dr. Laura Hummers

Stem Cell Transplant: A Patient’s Perspective – Bill and Cyndy Martin

Pregnancy Issues in Scleroderma – Dr. Lorinda Chung

African Americans and Scleroderma – Dr. Virginia Steen

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Grand Lecture with Dr. Robyn Domsic

Closing Keynote – Dr. Daniel Furst

Serendipity in Research – Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick

(Embedding has been disabled on this video. Use the link to view it on YouTube)