Looking after your feet with Scleroderma

Gerrard Wake, Podiatrist, Hutt Foot Clinic

Gerrard Wake, our Podiatrist, spoke at the seminar about looking after our feet [Nail Care, Skin-related conditions, chilblains, Footwear. Foot exercises to maintain mobility, and the audience mentioned – soaking feet in Epsom Salts is very good].

Nail care :

Podiatry NZ has concerns about standards of hygiene in salons for both toenails and fingernails.

Cut straight or slightly concave (sides higher than middle) across top. Don’t cut too far down sides to avoid ingrown toenails.

Skin-related conditions & chilblains.

Impaired circulations with chilblains can lead to ulcers.

Use foot creams to moisturise and help warm tissues. Wear warm socks – possum fur best but wear out quickly. Really important to use insulating insoles to insulate against cold – plastazote.

Footwear – to maintain mobility

Technical shoe shops for good shoes, advice and fitting e.g. Shoe Clinic, Athlete’s Foot, Smith Shoes (Hamilton shop has a podiatrist),  Shoe Science.

Most important is mid-sole density and thickness. Hoka is a good brand. Rocker sole also good.

Foot exercises also to maintain mobility – see arthritis exercises

Gerrard also spoke about how important to insulate feet from cold, and the best product was plastazote. Plastazote is available online or through some outlets, such as Chemist Warehouse.

Plastazote Construction:

Plastazote is widely recommended for people with diabetes, arthritis or any skin disorder that requires your foot to remain friction-free.

This is an anatomically designed footbed with longitudinal arch support which uses your own body heat to mold the insole and evenly distribute the weight.

A bottom layer of ultra-cushioning polyurethane is combined with a top layer of self-molding Plastazote foam to form precisely to your foot.

Medical professionals regularly use Plastazote for its superior ability to relieve pressure on sensitive foot areas. https://www.pharmacydirect.co.nz/Neat-Feat-OrthoticsSelf-Moulding-Insole-Small.html