Golden Paste is a Golden Remedy

We learn something new every time we attend a Scleroderma meeting.

A couple of meetings ago a new attendee suggested that I could replace my paracetamol, which I was taking at 3-hourly intervals, with “golden paste”. She said that she even gives it to her horses for arthritis, with excellent effect apart from leaving a yellow “smile” around their faces. She said the recipe could be found on the internet, the main ingredient being turmeric.

We bought turmeric from Commonsense Organics on the way home and Chris immediately made a batch.

The hope was that it would help me replace paracetamol and help Chris and our dog, Lucky, with their pain caused by arthritis in their hips. The concoction was a very bright yellow colour, the taste was rather challenging to start with!

I can report that it does not enhance porridge, and tea with golden paste is no longer tea as we know it! We bought some empty gel caps, which Chris filled and put in the fridge. The next morning she found a pile of golden paste and partially dissolved caps. So caps were then filled at the time of taking – extremely inefficient use of time.

Chris and LuckyTime to man up, we thought. Chris and I now take half a teaspoon twice a day, straight from a teaspoon, followed by a drink of water and no longer notice the taste. Lucky has half a teaspoon mixed in with her food once a day, I’ve had no feedback from her but she is a black lab and labs never turn their nose up at food. Incidentally, it does stain clothes- badly.

The result? Lucky bounds about like a puppy and has improved general health. Chris bounds about like a puppy and has greatly reduced her dependence on opiate-type drugs. She can walk for an hour most days and not suffer debilitating pain. I considered bounding about but have too much dignity, however I’m totally off paracetamol, and suffer only slight pain in my ankles first thing and when I get tired at the end of the day.

Would we recommend for joint pain? You betcha! Barking mad not to.

Turmeric image by Simon A. Eugster – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,