Hospital survival kit

A lot is said about civil emergencies and survival kits. At Wellington’s May meeting, member, Adrienne, showed us all how to how to draw up a hospital kit.

She realised when she was a guest of the nurses and doctors that many things she would like to have had with her weren’t to be found.

And so, she drew up her own hospital survival kit; those things that sit on a shelf within easy reach at home, taken for granted, but which aren’t to be found in hospital.

Any bag or small suitcase can be loaded with the kit, to be set aside for that day that may come around unexpectedly.

This differs markedly from the emergency kit, full of toilet paper, tins of baked beans, candles and BIC lighters.

This hospital list sounds like common sense but in a health emergency no one is thinking toothpaste, slippers or a cellphone charger.

“Hang on Mrs Ambulance Woman. I know I’m hallucinating, sweating, trembling and babbling incoherently, but would you just hang on a moment while I leap from the stretcher and crawl across the lawn into the house to pick up a few things.”

So, we clutched with pen and paper as Adrienne coaxed us to think about the things that we might really, really miss. It’s surprising how many useful things an enthused and determined group can think up to put in the kit

We got through all the usual things like our own PJs to avoid those hospital gowns that are sophisticated bum flashers; toothbrush, glasses and the like.

Ideas popped up. Ideas like a phone charger, iPad, polar fleece blankets (lighter than the heavy cotton hospital sheets); socks and a warm hat.

Here’s one to think ahead about. Your family pet has no room in hospital so who will feed it while you’re out? Prearrange with a friend, neighbour or your children to have access to the house to feed pets.

If you listen to the sort of music that other patients won’t like (Val Doonican at full volume, anyone), take some ear phones and knock yourself out with whatever you fancy.

Adrienne’s headings covered most of what you will need. It’s up to you to frill in your favourite items. Type the headings down a page and fill out everything you don’t want to do without during your stay.

  • Night clothes
  • Time fillers
  • Footwear
  • Medication list
  • Toiletries
  • Money
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Street clothes
  • Contact details
  • Other.

When you have set aside your hospital emergency kit, relax.

As it happens, Adrienne had a subsequent fall and another stay in hospital. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery