President’s Report

It has been a busy year, and now Spring is just around the corner which is a big relief to us all.

Our Society is coming along nicely; we are now a registered Charity along with our incorporated status and a bank account, so we are now fully operational.

On the 1st of August Scleroderma NZ was very busy with both a seminar held in Hamilton organised by Linda Bell, with a very interesting programme and the Wellington group held their normal August meeting with a very interesting Speaker Amanda Johnston from working Hands, a great turn out all round.

We have great news that Scleroderma NZ was granted permission from the Scleroderma Foundation USA and Scleroderma Australia to reprint the booklets on Managing and Understanding Scleroderma. This way we will be able to put the contents of the booklet in a New Zealand context.

Australia is currently doing their own rewrite as we speak, so we are waiting to look at their new information before going ahead. Gordon and I are currently working away at the contents. We have had great input from Maureen Kirby from Invercargill and Jan Ipenburg from Christchurch. Both are our hard-working and dedicated scleroderma specialist nurses who we are very lucky to have.

We are also working on a hospital check list for Scleroderma patients to take with them to hospital should an occasion arise. Maureen has put a lot of effort into this project also.

This brings me to the next piece of news that Maureen has produced a calendar to sell to raise funds for Scleroderma NZ Inc, Arthritis NZ, Crohn’s and Colitis NZ and Psoriasis Southland.

We need all your help and support with this one, it is such a lovely idea to be able to help other conditions as well as our own so please buy a few and sell them on to help us all out. We need funds for the reprinting and postage of our booklets and leaflets. We need to help ourselves and any new people coming along the way with this condition.

I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support it will help us all in the long run and a big thank you to all of our committee and especially Barbara and John for putting us out there with their great newsletters and website.

Take Care Keep Well and Warm