President’s Report

We have been extremely lucky with summer this year, it has been long and very warm and I’m sure it has given us all some relief in one way or another, but one of our biggest hurdles has been to keep cool, but not to get cold in the process.

The society is coming together quite well, our booklets will be printed and posted to all rheumatology services and GPs who are keen to learn some practical and basic knowledge of Scleroderma. We’ll send the hospital check-list to those of you who want it with the help of an NZ Post Grant.

Maureen Kirby (Rheumatology Specialist Nurse from Invercargill) has worked hard to sell the calenders for the four charities she chose. Maureen has asked our committee to decide how we’ll spend her donation. This has been a big task as Maureen works full time with a young family. We really appreciate her efforts and thoughts of kindness for all of us out there with our chronic condition.

We have just set up a Give a Little page for donations Give a Little: you can donate through a link on our website or directly through Give A Little.

We have signed up to the Buzz the People: this is a company where, if you
fill in surveys, you can donate your proceeds to your favourite charity.

KIWI KARMA: ( Accommodation booking service) is an easy way to support a charity, simply by doing what you were going to do anyway. Just use Kiwi Karma and at no extra cost to you and 5-8% of the room rate automatically goes to the charity of your choice. Kiwi Karma’s rates and availability should be the same as the overseas based sites. You get to support New Zealanders in need.

If any of you want to donate to Scleroderma NZ to help us raise the funds to print our booklets, it would be much appreciated. We will be asking for donations around World Scleroderma Day, 29th of June. We don’t have an annual subscription so a donation around world Scleroderma Day could become a habit for those who can and would like to. Our groups around the country will be looking at ways in which to take part in the International World Scleroderma Day.

You could do something you enjoy to mark the occasion or form a group and make it a special day out. If you are thinking of exercising for personal fitness it is very important to wear orthotic inners in your runners or at least sheepskin inners, to spread the load on the soles of
your feet to help prevent corns. Wear extra wide runners to avoid constricting your toes. It will help you enjoy your preferred exercise. It is important to wear orthotic day shoes too.

There is a wide range these days so you can still wear nice looking shoes in healthy comfort. Ziera nationwide www. have some good choices.

Winter will be on its way soon – my chance to have my rave about how important it is to keep your core warm. You’ll help prevent internal Raynaud’s to your major organs and help with your extremities too. Never let yourself get too cold. It is very difficult to recover. If you suddenly get cold hands, say, when getting food from the freezer, have a pair of pair of thick rubber gloves ready. Put the gloves on and run your hands under the hot tap. The water will warm your hands and return circulation. Be prepared: put your gloves on before you need them.

Merino leggings or stockings are now available at reasonable prices. Wear three layers of Merino around your core. And don’t forget your hat. All my best to you all out there, keeping warm is something you can all do for yourselves, to help prevent the vascular symptoms getting worse.

Dianne (a woolly by nature)