President’s Report

Greetings to you all. We have had a busy year so far with Scleroderma New Zealand becoming incorporated in February. Now, we have our structure in place.

Scleroderma New Zealand President Dianne PurdiePresident: Dianne Purdie (Wellington), Vice President: Allan Edmondson (Tuakau, Auckland), Secretary: Gordon Purdie (Wellington) and Treasurer: Gabrielle Conway (Auckland).

Committee members Jenny Andrews (Invercargill), Carolyn Barkhausen (Christchurch), Linda Bell (Hamilton), Adrienne Burleigh (Kapiti), Chris Carlyon (Palmerston North), Jo Harris (Wellington), Maureen Kirby (Invercargill), Jan Lowe (Kapiti), Cushla Marsters (Wellington), Tina Mclean (Wellington), Heather Milligan (Dipton), Barbara and John Spavin (Lower Hutt), Julie Rolston (Wanganui), Kim Tocker (Christchurch), Judy Trewartha (Auckland) and Lorraine Wenlock (Invercargill).

Newsletter Editors Barbara and John Spavin

Web Master: John Spavin

We had our first committee meeting on the 15th – 17th of March via email.

Decisions made:-

Financial year 1st April to 31st March.

AGM Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st June.

Registered Charity, We decided that Scleroderma NZ Inc will apply to become a registered Charity; this will give donors more confidence in our society.

Calendars We decided to support Maureen Kirby by selling her fundraising calendars for 2016. Some of the funds will come to Scleroderma NZ Inc

Memberships fees were discussed along with other possible fundraising activities. There were no decisions made on these topics and these thoughts will come up again at the next committee meeting.

Next Committee meeting, 1st to 3rd of June

We have just had an action-packed seminar in Wellington, which Barbara and John have filled you in on and the next activity will be world Scleroderma Day held on the 29th of June.

Wellington holds an Art Exhibition at the Odlins Gallery in the Foyer Gallery in Lower Hutt from the 21 of June – 5 of July. Waikato will be holding a fundraising afternoon at the movies in Hamilton on the 29th of June.

We have also linked up to the World Scleroderma Day website It makes us part of the world scleroderma community. You can give a 25 second video here where to explain how Scleroderma has affected you. You may also sign the petition at the bottom of the home page which calls for improved care for people with Scleroderma.

We are after ideas on how to fundraise. Please contact me, Dianne Purdie, on and I will put your ideas to the committee.

Thanks to the committee for their sterling efforts. We have a long road to make life here better for scleroderma patients and their families. We need sound management of scleroderma, beginning with ourselves, with ongoing education and continuing good relations with our medical specialists and Arthritis New Zealand.

This is your society. Please give us your ideas and ask questions. We can help find ways to manage your scleroderma. We have a network of good listeners too. Feel free to contact me and for help. Looking forward to working with you all.

Dianne Purdie

President, Scleroderma NZ Inc

Phone (04) 479 5548, email