Tina talks to TV3 about scleroderma and packaging

Wellington member, Tina, featured in a TV3 news programme, Story, about her daily struggles with packaging and the need to make it easier for everyone to get at stuff without hurting their hands in the process.

By Ryan Bridge

Have you ever struggled to open a can, opening the lid of a jar or getting a pair of scissors out of its packaging?

The answer is probably yes so imagine what it must be like if you suffered from arthritis.

PackagingStory met Tina McLean who suffers from arthritis and takes pride in her long painted nails. But they’re not just cosmetic.

They act as a purpose to open things – Ms McLean spends up to 10 minutes a day opening food and everyday items around her house.

Going shopping is a daily frustration.

Ms McLean suffers from a rare form of arthritis called Scleroderma which means the skin on her hands harden, loses sensitivity and it often hurts to open her hands.

Tina is among 62,000 people who suffer from arthritis in New Zealand – that’s one in five over the age of 18.

Story investigates the leading cause of disability in our country and what packaging companies have to do to make opening products easier.

See video on TV3 here