We are on Facebook!

Yes, there’s something to do on Facebook now instead of playing Bejewelled, Farmville or looking at cat pictures from school friends you haven’t met in 20 years.

Cushla set the page up and at the time of writing it had more than 30 “likes”. Gaining more “likes” unlocks new functions on the site so do take the time to “like” our group and convince your friends and families to do it too.

Once you are connected you will begin to see Cushla’s contributions and you can comment and link back.

It’s not the biggest community on Facebook but it’s an easy way to get the scleroderma name mentioned and perhaps get a few more people to understand the implications of the disease. When you “like” it on your page the link becomes visible to anyone who is connected to you on Facebook.

Facebook’s share price may have tanked and denied multi-multi-millionaire status to a lot of US geeks, but it’s still one of the handiest ways around to get news out to the world, as it approaches one thousand million members.