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President’s Report February 2017

It has been a very unsettled summer so far and I am keeping my fingers crossed for some more heat for February. We have had a small taste of it here in Wellington this week. It has been a busy time for Gordon and me on a personal note with four flower shows since September with our last one on the 4th & 5th of February, which was a begonia, fuchsia and dahlia show, a lot of work and support from all the good folk in Wellington and Lower Hutt and beyond. Barbara Spavin did very well in her flower
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Holiday Happiness

Have scleroderma – will travel – Barbara’s Asian and European adventure Armed with trepidation and a 3-litre click-clack of medication I went through customs. “Put your things on the conveyor belt, shoes off, belt off, jacket off, wait, get scanned, then proceed.” Then, plonk your butt onto a seat and put them all back on. Through the first check point – there were to be many more. I took a lot of medication for the 5-week trip. I¬†took an extra week’s worth because you just never know. Travelling on Air New Zealand I thought the seats were very hard. I
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A Carer in Court

For decades full-time carers, paid by the Ministry of Health, but not recognised as employees, have scraped by on the equivalent of $3 an hour. Support group member and former full-time carer, Jan Lowe, called enough. Carer relief is a part of the health system that gives the full-time carer of an incapacitated person a break. Often the person cared for will have Alzheimers or other serious disabilities. After an assessment, the full time carer is given so many hours a year and has to choose a relief carer of their choice. This may be for a few hours at
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