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Paddling the Whanganui

Support group member, Yvonne, doesn’t let scleroderma tie her down. Previously, she has reported from the back of a pushbike in the wilds of Otago. This time, it’s from the river rapids. Eight people, four canoes. One unforgettable journey. We put our canoes into the Whanganui River at Taumarunui, and pulled them out for the final time at Pipiriki, 5 days and 145km later. The Whanganui is a small river where our trip began, passing through farmland and gradually into native bush. That first day was a mixture of fear, exhilaration and laughter, as we learnt to control our canoes
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President’s Report May 2017

Winter is on its way, but we still have the odd day that is quite mild and pleasant. Firstly thank you all for your support at the National seminar here in Wellington this past weekend. We had some long distance travellers amongst us, Dipton in the deep South, Nelson, Palmerston North, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, Auckland and our folk from Wellington. Thank you to all of you for your help on the day, helping it run smoothly and the generous morning and afternoon teas, that Adrienne Burleigh, Tina Mclean and Sandra Forsyth put together for us. We had some very special
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