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Southland Group finds thing to be glad about

At our January meeting, Jenny, our organiser had us thinking as she asked us to say one thing we are ‘glad’ about. Among the responses were Jenny’s delight that their 16 year-old son had gained his restricted driver’s licence and was out looking for after-school work. Another member had just received word that he had a job promotion, another was they had attended a 90th birthday for their uncle and had a great family catch up. The most practical was Beverly whose husband had made her a sewing table she can use in the warm lounge in the winter for
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Call for health service to offer nail cutting, after salons fail grade

Radio New Zealand carried the group’s expression of concern at unregulated nail and beauty salons and the lax standards at play A public health report found 88 percent of nail and beauty salons in Wellington were not properly disinfecting and sterilising equipment in 2017. Scleroderma New Zealand president Diane Purdie said scleroderma is a condition that hardens and restricts the skin and internal organs, sometimes resulting in clawed hands. Many patients need to go to a nail salon to have their fingernails cut, because they cannot do it themselves. Given the poor safety record for nail salons, Ms Purdie is
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President’s report March 2019

Welcome to the New Year every one, the weather is going well here in Wellington just the right temperature for us. Rob will be greatly missed by us all here in Wellington and on our National committee. Rob had a positive attitude till the very end, always cheerful and he was always coming up with different ways of looking at things. Rob and his wife Chris gave great support to Scleroderma New Zealand as a whole and especially to us here in Wellington and Palmerston North, I believe there was only one meeting that they missed in the three years.
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