Memorial – Terry Horne, Allison O’Sullivan and Lorraine Holbrook

Memorial for Terry Horne – 7th of September aged 66 years Nelson.

Our Sympathy goes out to Terry’s wife Maggie and family for the great loss of Terry on Saturday the 7th of September 2019.

We had great pleasure meeting Terry and Maggie a few years ago and recently at the beginning of this year in Nelson. Terry had a very difficult struggle with Scleroderma for a few years, he showed great courage and determination and kept going with all the loving support from Maggie.

Terry was very generous in supporting Scleroderma New Zealand over the years. He was a very helpful and kind person and will be sadly missed.

Dianne Purdie


Memorial for Allison O’Sullivan – 21st of July aged 64 Waiuku.

Our Sympathy goes out to Allison’s husband Ken and family for the great loss of Allison on the 21st of July 2019.

We had a lovely time meeting Allison and Ken at Linda’s seminar in Hamilton in 2018. Allison wasn’t very well at the time, but she was extremely cheerful and positive and full of life.

It came as a big shock to us that Allison had passed away. Her scleroderma and PAH took hold unusually very rapidly. Allison gave the people she met lots of cheerful and positive caring help. Allison was very much lovingly supported by Ken.

We will miss Allison’s happy personality and support.

Dianne Purdie


Memorial for Lorraine Holbrook – 6th September aged 43 years Gore.

Lorraine Holbrook, passed away peacefully at home in Gore.

I do remember attending our first get together that Maureen Anderson organised about 6 years ago in Southland. A young lady ‘bounced’ up to me, introduced herself as Lorraine and made me feel very welcome. I thought that’s great, Lorraine has come to support her Mum or Dad.

When we sat down and introduced ourselves as a group, I was stunned that it was that not only Lorraine but another young woman, Rachael, had Scleroderma.

Over the years it was a delight to catch up with Lorraine, she was so positive and had a caring and enquiring mind. She had no qualms about showing us her amputated finger and talking about flouncing behind the hospital curtains and not reappearing until she had completed an infusion.

Her candour in making happenings which we may in the future have to deal with, a normal event. I was shocked when Jenny let me know of Lorraine’s death, I had heard she was ill but thought in typical Lorraine fashion she would bounce back as she had in the past. She lived for 43 years and packed so much into those years. She loved talking about her 2 children, Erica and Tegan. We all were delighted to see the photos when she married Shane, sunflowers were everywhere. She will be so missed by her family, friends and her ‘Scleroderma family’

Heather Milligan