Podiatry survey

We are surveying members to assess the needs of scleroderma patients in New Zealand.

Currently there are at least three DHBs in New Zealand that provide a free podiatry service for scleroderma patients.

Scleroderma New Zealand wants to encourage all DHBs to provide a free service for all scleroderma patients, as our foot health is most important.

At present most of our scleroderma patients have to pay anything from $50 to $90 per private podiatry visit.

Currently diabetes patients in New Zealand receive three free visits per year at a hospital-based podiatry service.

To advocate for free podiatry care for scleroderma patients in New Zealand we need to canvas our scleroderma community to find how many of us need access, the general health of our feet and corrective footwear needs.

Once we have this information we can use it to put up a case to the Ministry of Health for a free service for us all.

This survey is comprehensive and sometimes clarification may be needed.

If you feel comfortable you are welcome to add details to your questions, with your contact details.

If you have any other questions about the survey please feel free to email Dianne Purdie, President of Scleroderma NZ at diannepurdie@xtra.co.nz

The information that we collect in this survey will be anonymous and confidential. You are welcome to add your name and contact details if you wish,  but if you prefer to remain anonymous that is absolutely fine.

We would very much appreciate your participation in this survey to help improve the foot health for all scleroderma patients.

How to take part

First option

An online survey that will take you about 12 minutes to complete.

you can do this easily online, it will take about 12 minutes.

Second Option

Print off the survey from our website and post it to:

Dianne Purdie
19 Thatcher Cres,
Crofton Downs,
Wellington 6035,

or scan and email it back to Dianne.

Third Option

Email diannepurdie@xtra.co.nz and she can print a survey off and post it to you. Post your completed survey back to Dianne at the above address.