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Coeliac Disease – finding support

Scleroderma NZ member, Pam Dempsey, has coeliacs. here’s how she copes. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease nearly 20 years ago and a few years later with scleroderma and then later became dairy intolerant. Way back then it was difficult to be on a gluten-free diet as there was very little help available and the Internet was not an option for help. These days it is so much easier as Coeliac NZ (Auckland) is an amazing organisation that provides an excellent service to those with coeliac. There is a wonderful website providing coeliacs with so much information in every way.
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President’s Report November 2016

Seasons greetings to you all, it isn’t long now before we are all rushing around to get our last minute jobs done before we head off to get together with family and friends or just have a quiet one at home. We have had a busy time here in Wellington with the printing of the booklets which have now been sent out to those of you who have requested them. It has been a long process and one we couldn’t have managed without help from our hard-working fund-raisers: Linda Bell,Allan and Sandy Edmondson and our Specialist Nurse Maureen Anderson and
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